Backbone Media

For over twenty years, Noel Schwerin has been producing and directing prize-winning, nationally acclaimed documentaries and web sites. In 1998, Schwerin founded BACKBONE MEDIA, a non-profit independent production company dedicated to exploring complex social issues through a variety of narrative media. In addition to producing and distributing original documentary films, BACKBONE MEDIA combines general and professional education and outreach in a coordinated program that integrates national and regional partnerships, national PBS broadcasts, and print and web activities.

BACKBONE MEDIA has been invited to showcase its work at dedicated screenings and symposia, for instance, at the U.S. Senate, the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the State of Washington’s Gender and Justice Commission and the National Association of Women Judges.

BACKBONE MEDIA’s work has also been featured at special symposia at many institutions of higher learning, including the Harvard Medical School’s Division of Medical Ethics, Stanford University’s Center for Biomedical Ethics and the Program on Life Science, Values and Society at the University of Michigan. It has received numerous national prizes, including top honors from the National Association of Science Writers, the Association of Women in Communications, the New York Festivals, the International Association of Web Designers and the International Health and Medical Awards. Its work also received a special citation in CPB’s Public Broadcasting and The Needs of Minority Audiences.

In addition to recommendations and reviews in national press outlets like USA Today, NPR’s All Things Considered, O Magazine and The Wall Street Journal, Schwerin has been featured in a dedicated front page interview in the New York Times’ Sunday Arts section.

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